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Buy high-quality coffee products in our online shop, such as coffee beans and equipment. We have products from all around the world. Each region produces coffee with a unique flavour profile. Some coffees accentuate soft and sweet flavours, while others are more acidic. Thanks to the huge variety in our online shop, everyone can buy coffee beans that are suited to their taste at WAY.

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Buy coffee products in our online shop, such as coffee beans and equipment 

In our online shop and our store in Ghent, you can buy coffee beans from various countries, such as Brazil, Costa Rica, and Ethiopia. These countries are famous for their high-quality coffee production. But how do you know which coffee has the flavour profile you are looking for? At our specialty coffee roastery, we have designed a system with symbols that represent the different flavours. The bigger a symbol is displayed on the packaging, the more prominent that flavour is in the coffee. Have a look at our overview of filter coffees if you want to know more. In addition to delicious coffee beans, you can also buy plenty of coffee equipment in our online shop. For example, a good Stagg EKG black kettle is a great help with certain brewing methods.

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Discover all our coffee beans, such as espresso beans, in our online shop and buy your favourite flavours. Be sure to let us know if you need any help. Call us on +32494073322 or send an e-mail to If you are ever in Ghent, you can always drop by our shop. While enjoying your coffee, you can have a chat with other coffee lovers.


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