COLOMBIA - Sorany Castano - Pink Bourbon
COLOMBIA - Sorany Castano - Pink Bourbon
COLOMBIA - Sorany Castano - Pink Bourbon

COLOMBIA - Sorany Castano - Pink Bourbon

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COLOMBIA - Sorany Castano - Pink Bourbon

 Notes of raspberry, peach, pineapple, cherry, gourmet aromas of cocoa and honey. 

  • Producer: Sorany Castano
  • Altitude: 1620m
  • Environment: Mountainous
  • Species: arabica
  • Varietal: Pink Bourbon
  • Harvest period: March to june
  • Harvest type: manual
  • Process: Fully Washed
  • Drying: Patios for 15 days




Don Gabriel Castaño or Monsieur Bourbon rose!

Don Gabriel Castaño started growing coffee in the San Adolfo region (Colombia) to improve his family's income. He had the audacity and the courage to exchange his work for a small farm of 5 hectares. Initially, his crops did not really improve his income, then he discovered the “Bourbon rose.” Intrigued by the color of the seeds, he planted this variety and found that the Bourbon rose was very resistant to rust. He replanted completely. his plantation and the quality of his coffee brought him more success. Don Castaño sold plants to his neighborhood and this variety was even known as “Castaño.” Today he has tripled his income and has plans to set up his own factory!

This microlot of pink bourbon, resulting from a selective manual picking, has been fermented. The cherries were weighed and kept intact for 96 hours, then fermented for 96 hours in tanks. The grains were then washed and dried on parabolic dryers for 20-30 days.

This lot comes from the production of Gabriel's daughter, Sorany, who, at 29, takes over from her father. 


The family farm La Granada covers two hectares and is located in the department of Huila, in the southern municipality of Acevedo. Gabriel started by planting the Pink Bourbon variety, which was not very well known at the time. Despite his advanced age and the hard work provided, Gabriel wouldn't trade his life for the world. He planted 8,000 trees and made himself known throughout the municipality as "Mister Pink Bourbon". He revived this variety in the region by sharing plants with neighboring growers.



In 1990, Colombia opened its doors to the international economy. Colombian producers have suffered a severe blow as they have to compete with a wide variety of imported products on the market. Despite significant leverage within the agro-industry and the National Federation of Coffee Growers, coffee producers have suffered too and this has not been resolved with the instability of the purchase prices of coffee negotiated daily at the New York stock exchange.
Don Gabriel Castaño experienced this situation and like many other Colombians, he turned to coca production to survive and not go bankrupt. Even though coca promises high returns, the financial and personal risks are often much higher. As soon as he could, Gabriel left the coca fields and rose in the cafe.
Gabriel and his wife Carmen have six children - four daughters and two sons - five of whom followed in their parents' footsteps by becoming coffee producers. Sorany, Marili, Yorlady, Gabriel and Jefferson live near the family farm.


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