New! UGANDA  - Espresso - Mon Cherry - pineapple, malt, plum, mango (natural wine lovers)

New! UGANDA - Espresso - Mon Cherry - pineapple, malt, plum, mango (natural wine lovers)

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 UGANDA - Mon Cherry

« Notes of pineapple, malt, plum, mango. A fruity and vinous profile. »

  • Producer: Cherry Selection Coffee Program
  • Altitude: 1500 - 1800 m
  • Environment: Mountainous
  • Species: arabica
  • Varietials: SL 28, SL 14
  • Harvest period: September to November
  • Harvest type: by hand
  • Process: Natural
  • Drying: African Beds


"Cherry Selection Coffee Program" project aims to offer more traceability and quality. By working with him, we take part in his commitment which aims to better remunerate producers who pick the cherries at optimum maturity.

Cherry Selection Coffee Program:

7,000 producers  are associated with this project and benefit from training in their plantations or on a pilot farm. This coffee therefore comes from the highest quality productions from 12 geographic areas .
Grown on protected soils, in the heart of an advantageous microclimate and under natural shade of banana trees, this coffee perfectly reflects the richness of its terroir. It gives back its letters of nobility to Ugandan cafes.
After harvest, the cherries are sorted at the grower and then transferred to Kasese, in the Great Lakes Coffee drying station. They are then distributed in a single layer on African wooden drying beds and left to dry for three days, under permanent control. Coffees are recorded in individual batches for full traceability.




Historically known as the Mountains of the Moon, the Rwenzori region is located on the border between Uganda and the Republic of Congo. Mount Rwenzori is one of the last remaining African summits to have eternal snow. Rwenzori is the local term for “water maker”, because these mountains feed many of the region’s rivers. Mount Rwenzori, Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya are the last glaciers in Africa and they surround the region’s coffee fields. It is a region where people have produced natural coffee for decades.

While it is true that the quality of Ugandan coffee is often questioned, some people are fighting to promote the quality coffees produced there and which deserve to be known.




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