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Easy WAY / Brazil - Agrotora

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Aromatic, Sweet & Easy.

BRAZIL - Agrotora
Hazelnut, Cacao nibs, Floral
Process: Washed
Varietal(s): Acaia
Region: Minas Gerais
Producer(s): Agrotora

About Agrotora
Agrotora farms coffee on 260 hectares with about 1000000 plants. 40% of those are of the rare Acaia varietal.
Aside from coffee cultivation, the farm also raised livestock and runs a reforestation project. Their refuge land features caves, waterfalls, peaks and natural pools formed by the Salto, Vermelho and Córrego do Monjolinho Rivers. It is covered with native vegetation including ipês, jacarandás, quaresmeiras, araucarias and cedar trees and a rich fauna, included endangered species such as the brown jaguar, the guará wolf and the primate guigó.
The farm is UTZ and Rainforest Certified. They also receive water use grants and have environmental operating licenses.

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