Ethiopia - Guji - Nuts. jasmine. lemon
Ethiopia - Guji - Nuts. jasmine. lemon
Ethiopia - Guji - Nuts. jasmine. lemon
Ethiopia - Guji - Nuts. jasmine. lemon
Ethiopia - Guji - Nuts. jasmine. lemon
Ethiopia - Guji - Nuts. jasmine. lemon

Ethiopia - Guji - Nuts. jasmine. lemon

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Ethiopia - Guji - Buku

Nuts, jasmine, lemon

  • Process: Fully washed
  • Varietal(s): Land races
  • Region: Guji
  • Producer(s): Metad


This fully washed coffee, organic certified is produced by Metad. The company was created at the initiative of a family who were American citizens but who had chosen to return home, driven by a desire to develop an efficient, quality business.
Aware of the potential shortcomings of the Ethiopian coffee sector, they have chosen to promote remarkable coffees while focusing on traceability, ensuring better recognition of the products of their region. Their coffee farm in Hambela is located in the Guji area, they produce a soft spiced coffee of which Belco is the exclusive importer in Europe.


The Hambela farm is located a little more than 400 km south of Addis Ababa in the Oromo region, in the Guji appellation. It was created by Metad in 2013 and is spread over 200 hectares, covered by a dense forest. It is a forest where endemic
species and trees grow, some of which are extremely old. It also where Metad collects cherries from coffee trees. Both Metad and Belco are very aware of the importance of preserving this natural heritage, which is an additional source of
value for the coffee produced here. It is above all by protecting the local know-how of the farmers who create it that the environment will be maintained.
Metad currently collects coffee produced by 3,200 farmers, members of 7 different associations, attached to this farm. They all work small, densely forested plots by hand at an altitude of about 2,000 metres. Metad operates a very precise
traceability system. At the farm, Metad pays particularly close attention to the different stages of preparation, including collection, storage, etc. It has African beds for drying. The group has set up nurseries, producing about 600,000 plants that are distributed free of charge to farmers. Metad is also actively involved in ecological protection and in social projects. The group supports the organic certification of farmers, for example, and finances the construction of roads, schools, etc. So in addition to producing a quality coffee, it also for these reasons that Belco chose to add this forest coffee produced in Hambela to the range.


Trader: Belco



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