Ethiopia - Temam Aba Mecha

Ethiopia - Temam Aba Mecha

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Temam Aba Mecha - The Bashasha Project
Peach, grapefruit and jasmine
Process: Natural
Varietal(s): Heirloon
Region: Agaro, Jimma, Western Ethiopia
Producer(s): Temam Aba Mecha

About the Bashasha Project

In the past year new coffee laws in Ethiopia have allowed individual farmers to sell directly to overseas buyers. This offers a unique opportunity to increase the traceability of Ethiopian coffee. 32Cup, our trading partner, worked together with the farmers of the Rutuma Cooperative around the town of Bashasha to produce a range of micro lots.

This lot was produced by Temam Aba Mecha who was born in Bashasha and learned coffee farming from his father and the surrounding community. His farm is 12 hectares with about 36,000 coffee trees, producing about 18 tonnes per year. Coffee cherries are handpicked and then dried on beds on the farm. After drying, they are stored for 30 days on the farm before being dry milled in Addis Adaba and exported.

Because of its multidimensional complexity, this lot was selected as the competition coffee for the 2019 Belgian Aeropress Championship.

Trader: 32Cup

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