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Costa Rica produces coffee beans that are ideally suited to espresso brewing methods. The country is known as a coffee country, like Brazil and Ethiopia, but of course it puts different taste accents in its coffee compared to these other countries. If you are interested in the range of flavours of the espresso coffee from Costa Rica, be sure to continue reading.

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Costa Rica produces high-quality coffee beans for espresso brewing methods

A popular way of making coffee is to use capsules, but the true coffee lover finds pleasure in discovering new flavours and brewing methods. If you are a professional or amateur barista, the coffee beans from Costa Rica are suitable for espresso brewing methods. The coffee from Costa Rica is typically fruity in taste, but it is also known for its good taste balance. Be sure to try it out for yourself.

Ask for help when you are selecting coffee

It is no bad thing to ask for help when selecting coffee. We are personally big fans of the espresso coffee from Costa Rica, but perhaps the flavours from Brazil or Ethiopia are more to your liking. In any case, you can always contact us with further questions. Call us on +32494073322 or send an e-mail to


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