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Have you ever tried filter coffee that has Ethiopia as origin? You easily order it in our online shop or come and visit the WAY shop in Ghent. Our friendly and experienced employees are more than happy to help you with figuring out which flavours fit you best, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions!

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  • Ethiopia - Filter - Shakiso - Washed - Black tea, lemon, white peach, chamomille and cane sugar
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Choosing the filter coffee that comes from Ethiopia

The filter coffee that comes from Ethiopia and that we sell has a natural process of drying on African beds. The coffee trees grow in a rich natural environment, with a lot of different trees species. It is harvested in the period November until January. Are you interested in discovering the magical flavours of the filter coffee from Ethiopia or do you prefer coffee from another country, such as Costa Rica? This and much more is available in our shop and in our online shop!

Try out our filter coffee from Ethiopian

Are you interested in discovering this filter coffee, originated in Ethiopia? Then don’t hesitate and purchase it now in our online shop or shop in Ghent. Do you like what you taste and do you want to try out some of our other filter coffee, such as the El Salvador filter coffee? No problem! Contact us by calling us on +32494073322, by sending an e-mail to or by filling out our contact form! Get inspired by reading about us!


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