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Our specialty roasted coffee beans are perfect to make the best coffee, such as an espresso. You choose between coffee beans that come from different countries in the world, like Costa Rica, El Salvador and Ethiopia. You can order the specialty roasted coffee beans in our online shop or by visiting our shop in Ghent.

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Delicious roasted coffee beans

The specialty roasted coffee beans that you can buy in our online shop or in our shop in Ghent are divided into four categories: sweet, fruity, acidity and floral, herbal. The flavour profile signs are an easy way to communicate with our costumers. The bigger the sign, the more a specific flavour is present in the cup. Both an accessible introduction and an open invitation for further exploration. Of course, you can always ask our motivated and enthusiastic employees any questions about our products, such as the specialty roasted coffee beans or other espresso tools. Did you already purchase your beans or coffee filter and are you looking for a professional machine? Then check out the Sage Barista Pro. It will make you a true barista and you will enjoy a delicious coffee every day!

Choose our special roasted coffee beans

Once you have tasted our specialty roasted coffee beans, you will never go back to basic other beans. The best thing about our shop and online shop is that we offer all of the equipment you need. For example the Timemore grinder you can use in order to crush the coffee beans. Do you have any questions or do you want to contact us for a reservation or information? Do this by calling us on +32494073322, by sending an e-mail to or by filling out our contact form.


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