Coffee class : Latte Art (pro)
Coffee class : Latte Art (pro)

Coffee class : Latte Art (pro)

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Coffee class : Latte Art with plantbased m*lk (Pro)


Class location

WAY Academy & Roastery
Dok Noord 4E 001 
9000 Gent 

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Who this class is for

Our two and a half-hour latte art pro class requires prior knowledge of espresso and basic latte art skills. This class aims at homebaristas who already know how to stretch and pour basic latte art and are looking for an upgrade. Also professionals looking for an in depth course to finetune their patterns and pick up useful technical information. 

We strongly recommend taking our Latte Art beginner course before subscribing for this Latte art Pro class. 

What you’ll learn

In this fun and hands-on class, we’ll show you how we stretch and texture milk to perfection. Show you the differences between all kinds of plantbased milks and how to stretch en pour them. It is our philosophy to work with plant-based milks in our shops and academy. You will learn how to hold and handle the milkpitcher, stretch your milk to the correct amount of foam, polish and pour your latte art pattern. This class focuses on advanced latte art patterns such as rippled heart, tulips, swans and more!


What to expect on the day

Our latte art class has a maximum of four participants.

You will be able to ask all your milk-related questions, making and tasting coffee throughout the session and dive deep into latte art patterns and technique. 
We provide all necessary equipment, but feel free to bring your own favourite milk pitcher. 

What do I need to bring?

Just yourself! We’ll provide all the coffee, milk and equipment, as well as water, pens, and a brew guide with plenty of blank pages for taking notes.

Should I bring my own coffee-making equipment ?

There's no need - WAY's got you covered. We be working on a espressomachine suitable for baristas, milk pitchers en milk is provided by us. Feel free to bring your own milk pitcher!





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