Workshop Espresso Based Drinks

Workshop Espresso Based Drinks

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If making filter coffee is easy and affordable, well, sometimes espresso can be the opposite! For those who choose to take the plunge, however, the rewards can be fantastic, and we’re here to help. This course is targeted at home baristas, but a lot of what we teach is also applicable to baristas looking for café work.

You can expect to have a fun, informative, hands-on two hours, and to taste a lot of delicious coffee along the WAY. While this is a mostly practical class, there will be some theory thrown in, too (we’re big believers in learning why we do things a certain way, not just how to do them).

We’ll start with the basics, learning how to measure our coffee using scales and timers, calibrate our grinder for consistent results, and how to pull a perfect shot. After we’ve nailed coffee production, we’ll move on to milk, focusing on how to steam perfect, glossy milk and pour beautiful-looking drinks.

* 250g bag of roasted WAY coffee


I drink
cups a day
We suggest 2 bags of 200 g size coffee every two weeks