BRAZIL - Espresso  - BELONI SELECTION 16+ - Chocolate, caramel and hazelnut
BRAZIL - Espresso  - BELONI SELECTION 16+ - Chocolate, caramel and hazelnut
BRAZIL - Espresso  - BELONI SELECTION 16+ - Chocolate, caramel and hazelnut

BRAZIL - Espresso - BELONI SELECTION 16+ - Chocolate, caramel and hazelnut

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BRAZIL - Beloni selection 16+

Chocolate, caramel and hazelnut

  • Species: arabica
  • Varietals: Blend of varieties
  • Altitude: 1200m
  • Harvest: July to september
  • Process: Natural
  • Drying: Patios
  • Producer:  Beloni Project
  • Region: Cerrado



The Beloni project was born 50 years ago from the desire to bring a healthier life and better quality food to Brazilians. Today, the family business is managed by the third generation, which is committed to maintaining the original values: honesty, transparency, sustainability, growth and innovation.

Located in the Alto Paranaíba region of Minas Gerais, with altitudes ranging from 1,000 to 1,200 meters above sea level, the farm has ideal soils for coffee growing and a temperate climate. Beloni diversifies its activities and has about 5,000 hectares of crops. These include potatoes, onions, beans, maize, soya, wheat, eucalyptus, sorghum and barley.

The coffee plantation is carried out on an area of 300 ha.

Beloni was recently the first coffee producer in the world to receive Regenagri® Regenerative Agriculture certification - an international regenerative agriculture programme that aims to ensure the health of the land and the care of those who live on it.

The benefits of regenerative agriculture are numerous, among which we can highlight: the reduction of the use of chemical inputs, the increasing improvement of soil quality, the production of better quality food, the reduction of production costs, the balance of the biome and the reduction of carbon emissions.

As the first certified regenerative coffee plantation in the world, AgroBeloni proves that coffee cultivation in the Cerrado Mineiro is constantly evolving in line with global expectations for environmental preservation.


Cerrado is a young coffee-producing region that began its production in the early 1960s and is now internationally recognised for its quality. Located in the state of Minas Gerais, in western Brazil, Le Cerrado has however suffered from its name and reputation being stolen by neighbouring regions. A few years ago, 10 million bags left the country under the name "Cerrado", bearing in mind that the region's actual production capacity is just 5 million bags.
In 2013, the producers obtained the Denomination of Origin (DO) "Cerrado Minerio", which is a sign of quality and certifies authenticity. It proves that the coffee is indeed from the region and possesses qualities specific to its terroir of origin. Consumers and roasters are thus guaranteed to enjoy an Arabica coffee (a blend of varieties with mainly Mundo Novo and Catuai) produced in the region delimited by the certification at an altitude of between 800 m and 1,300 m, and that it scored at least 80 points under the SCAA cupping protocol.
Today, the DO includes some 4,500 producers spread over 17,000 hectares and is supported by 9 cooperatives, 7 associations and 1 foundation. An independent body certifies the quality of the coffees, to determine whether they may be "Cerrado Mineiro" certified or not.

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