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BRAZIL - Filter  - Bob-O-Link Red - Fruity and tropical flavours, strawberry, pineappel and caramel
BRAZIL - Filter  - Bob-O-Link Red - Fruity and tropical flavours, strawberry, pineappel and caramel
BRAZIL - Filter  - Bob-O-Link Red - Fruity and tropical flavours, strawberry, pineappel and caramel

BRAZIL - Filter - Bob-O-Link Red - Fruity and tropical flavours, strawberry, pineappel and caramel

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BRAZIL - Bob-O-Link Red

Elegant and expressive, this Bob o Link releases fruity and tropical flavours but also strawberry, pineapple and caramel notes

  • Species: arabica
  • Varietals: Red bourbon , Red catuai , Mundo novo
  • Altitude: 1000-1400m
  • Harvest: June to september
  • Process: Natural
  • Drying: Patios
  • Producer:  FAF (Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza)
  • Region: Mococa



Belco's partnership with FAF (Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza) and Croce Family goes back several years. The project carried out by FAF in Brazil give a new image and a positive impact on production in a country where intensive agriculture and monoculture are the norm.

BOB O LINK, another face of Brazil:

Firstly, this funny name is a name of an endemic migratory bird of Brazil, endangered. It migrates every year between the USA and Brazil but unfortunately no longer finds the food resources necessary for its period of migration because of intensive monoculture. This bird is above all a symbol. 

The BOB O LINK project is an integral quality, whether at the environmental, social or cup quality level.
Initiated at FAF by the Croce family who created a concept farm, this project was then duplicated in more than 50 neighboring farms. Concretely, the actions put in place as a priority when joining the project are:



Protection of waterways

Training of teams

A more global change of lifestyle
that begins with the ban on sodas, the provision of fresh fruit juice at will, a healthier diet!

It is a philosophy / global approach that places coffee at the center of a project of life, nature and its maintenance. An innovative vision that recreates value by diversifying crops and therefore sources of income. We have been supporting this project for many years, it represents the future of the industry and has inspired us a lot in our sourcing!

In addition, Brazilian producers registered in a family farming scheme, far from Brazilian standards, see this project as an innovative solution to stand out. Do little but do well and value each culture!



The Mococa terroir was the breeding ground for the Bob-o-Link project, since it was here, at the heart of their farm, that Marcos Croce and Silvia Barretto got the ambitious Bob-O-Link project off the ground.

On returning from the United States to take over the reins of the family farm, run initially as an intensive monoculture, the couple made the courageous choice to start from scratch, symbolically renaming the farm "Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza". With the aim of obtaining much more than just a specialty coffee, Sylvia and Marcos put all their energy into learning about coffee farming and into bringing their neighbours together around their project to obtain a "global quality" for all. They wanted to produce an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable coffee. A very difficult challenge indeed in a great coffee-producing country like Brazil, but one they are currently meeting.

What was originally a farm project has now become a way of life for the 50 neighbouring coffee farmers involved in the production of Bob-o-Link coffee. Using the FAF as a model, these farms follow and adopt a quality charter aimed at achieving sustainable production through environmentally-friendly practices while ensuring farm profitability and providing excellent quality coffee. All member farms undertake to not use any chemicals, to plant shade trees for their coffee bushes and for the farm, to create irrigation canals to preserve water, to install African beds and sorting machines at their farms, to harvest selectively by hand and to learn coffee cupping techniques to play an active role in improving quality. Partner farms must also be engaged in alternative forms of agricultural production to avoid being dependent on a single crop (honey, milk, fruit and vegetables, etc.). The quality of water, soil, biodiversity, workers' health and education are monitored, as well as the economic health of each farm, the transparency of their operations and the quality of their coffee.

We place a strong focus at Belco on the commitment of our producers, which is why we have supported this ambitious and courageous Bob-o-Link project for many years. It proves that it is possible to promote a different and sustainable coffee growing model while ensuring consistent and optimum quality, even in one of the largest coffee-producing countries in the world.

Sourced by Belco 

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Seppe Dams
When you want a real good classic style filter coffee…

This one is the way to go…


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We suggest 2 bags of 200 g size coffee every two weeks