ETHIOPIA - Yirgacheffe - Chelchele - spices, ginger, caramel, lemon, orange and coffee flowers
ETHIOPIA - Yirgacheffe - Chelchele - spices, ginger, caramel, lemon, orange and coffee flowers

ETHIOPIA - Yirgacheffe - Chelchele - spices, ginger, caramel, lemon, orange and coffee flowers

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ETHIOPIA - Yirgacheffe - Chelchele 


« Flavours of sweet spices, ginger, caramel, lemon, orange and coffee flowers infusion. A finish with a flavour of bergamot flower. »


  • Producer Metad
  • Altitude 2000 m
  • Environment Mountainous
  • Species arabica
  • Varietal Heirloom
  • Harvest period November to january
  • Harvest type Handly
  • Process Fully washed
  • Drying On african beds


This fully-washed Yirgacheffe coffee is harvested and prepared by Metad at his farm in Chelchele, some 400 km south of Addis Ababa. The group was created by members of the diaspora who had returned to their countries of origin having spent years in the United States. They want to increase recognition of Ethiopia’s most famous product – coffee – on the international market. Eager to make coffee production great again, they offer a finely traced, quality, semi-washed coffee with an intricate cup. It is this approach, combined with the company's involvement in development projects, convinced Belco to build a strong partnership with Metad.



The Chelchele farm, managed by Metad, is situated about 400 km south of Addis Ababa, in the administrative Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region. It was created in 2013 on 30 hectares of land in the very heart of the Yirgacheffe appellation, known on the international scene for its high-quality coffees. Metad works with local farmers who supply him with their best cherries. More than 2,000 farmers in the vicinity of Gedeb currently sell all or part of their harvest to Metad. They cultivate high-altitude land (at around 2,000 metres) using old and exclusively manual practices. Metad operates a very precise traceability system thanks to which we know the farmers, who are members of kebele associations. For the moment, the Belco team has chosen the coffee produced by the inhabitants of the village of Halo Beriti, located in the woreda of Gedeb (after which the farm is named). Metad has set up a washing station in Gedeb, at an altitude of 2,000 metres, which offers advantages for bean preparation. It is a coffee that takes longer to dry and also suffers less damage from insects, of which there are fewer here. The result is a better-quality coffee with a more intricate cup.

We were also delighted to discover that the company is involved in development projects that go beyond the farm itself, an approach that further encouraged us to work with Metad. The group is aware of the natural wealth of the Gedeo area and promotes more environmentally responsible agricultural practices. In addition, it finances road construction and a primary school for 800 pupils in the vicinity of the washing station, which it fully manages.




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