BOLIVIA- Luis Fernandez - Cherry, peach, orange, coconut and caramel

BOLIVIA- Luis Fernandez - Cherry, peach, orange, coconut and caramel

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BOLIVIA, microlot


« Original aromas emerge from this Bolivian microlot, notes of cherry, peach, orange, coconut and caramel. »


Process: Fully washed
Varietal(s): Red catuai, Red caturra, Typica
Region: Calama
Producer: Luis Fernandez



This varietal blend, Caturra red and typica is produced by Luis Fernandez in the region of Calama in Bolivia. Luis is 32 years old and he owns a small farm on which he grows 4 hectares of coffee. Its goal is to produce more certified organic coffee and to increase quality again and again. Calama Luis Fernandez Bautista is the owner of the Calama finca. It cultivates on 4 hectares the varieties typica, catuai red and caturra. 



Luis Fernandez is the 2nd generation of coffee producers and spent his childhood on his parents' farm. One could say that the coffee saw him being born. Today, on the age of 32, in line of the family's style, he lets his three sons participate in his farm Finca Calama. His long term goal is to produce more organic coffees and promote them in the international scene to please the european roasters.

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