FILTER ETHIOPIA - BISHAN FUGU - Tropical fruit, lemon, spicy, jasmine, caramel and vanilla

FILTER ETHIOPIA - BISHAN FUGU - Tropical fruit, lemon, spicy, jasmine, caramel and vanilla

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ETHIOPIA Bishan Fugu


« Beautiful complexity, flavours of passion fruit, mango, lemon, spicy, pineapple, floral, jasmine, coffee flower, caramel and vanilla ! »


Process: Natural
Varietal(s): Heirloom
Region: Guji
Producer: Metad


This Guji forest coffee is produced by Metad. The group was created by members of the diaspora who, after years spent in the United States, returned to their country of origin. They then decided to promote the most famous product of Ethiopia on the international market: coffee. Concerned to give back to this production all its size they promote a forest coffee, harvested manually, with a high traceability and sweet and fruity notes. This approach, linked with the company's involvement in development projects, convinced Belco to become the exclusive importer of Metad in Europe.
Bishan Fugu
Bishan Fugu coffee is a forest coffee produced by Metad in Guji appellation. Bishan Fugu is the name of the village where this forest stands, just over 400 km south of Addis Ababa in the Oromo region. The forest covers 85 hectares and is original habitat to ancient endemic species, some of which are increasingly rare in Ethiopia. Introducing coffee trees under these shades provides a high quality coffee. This agroforestry system is also a means of protecting the forest by giving it an important role in local economies. In Bishan Fugu Metad grows coffee trees of varieties 74112/74110/74140 and 75227. The conservation of the natural heritage of this site is an issue that both Metad and Belco teams are very sensitive to. Ensuring the maintenance of this environment helps to protect the peasant know-how that shapes it. Metad is also involved in social projects such as building roads and schools. The quality of forest coffee, resulting from organic farming, combined with the actions led by Metad in the field, have decided Belco to complete its range with this Bishan Fugu coffee.



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