Hario Scale With Timer
Hario Scale With Timer

Hario Scale With Timer

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Manually brewing coffee without a scale is like driving in the dark with no lights: please don't do it!

Weighing your coffee and water and timing your brews will greatly improve your daily cup of coffee; these scales do all those things at once:

  • accurate up to 0,1 gram
  • timer
  • 2 AAA batteries included


In our shops, we have a recipe for every brewing method, and we recommend our customers do the same at home. For one cup of Pour Over, for example, our favourite recipe is 15 grams of coffee brewed over 2:35 minutes using 250ml of hot water. It might sound complicated if you’ve never done it before, but the Hario digital scales make it super easy.

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cups a day
We suggest 2 bags of 200 g size coffee every two weeks