Kenya - Karatu- Blackcurrant. milk chocolate. lemon

Kenya - Karatu- Blackcurrant. milk chocolate. lemon

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Karatu - Kiambu

Blackcurrant, milk chocolate and lemon

  • Process: Kenyan washed
  • Varietal(s): SL28, SL34
  • Region: Kiambu
  • Producer(s): Smallholders around Gitwe, Karatu, Kibiru and Kigaa



This coffee comes from Karatu, a historic washing station located north of Nairobi in Kiambu County. Precipitation is moderate and temperatures generally range from 13 to 24 ° C. While most farmers in the region are tea producers, the few coffee farms in the area are attractive because of the quality of their production.



Karatu washing station is located north of Nairobi in Kiambu County at 1883 meters above sea level. Created in 1965, it is particularly known for the quality of its coffee throughout the country but also internationally. Karatu washing station gather together 800 small producers in the surrounding villages (Karatu, Gitwe, Kibiru and Kigaa). The plant's director, David Kanya, runs the operations with a team of six permanent people.The coffee varieties grown are SL 28, SL 34 (99%) and a very small amount (about 1%) of Ruiru 11. Their primary ambition is to replace some of the old varieties with the new ones: Ruiru 11 and Batian. The farms are located on red volcanic soils very rich in nutrients. A typical soil of the region that offers a considerable asset for the production of coffee. In Karatu washing station, cherries are Kenyan washed processed. 

Trader: Belco

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