Origami filters
Origami filters
Origami filters

Origami filters

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Origami Drippers are made in Japan with Mino Ware which has 400 years of history. To achieve the ideal blooming & dripping time, the design team worked with many baristas to come up with the perfect shape and the 20-ribs depth to create the right air channels. The result is a clog-free brew that gives you smooth control over your extraction and brew time.

What we like about Origami Drippers is the fact that you can use different shapes of filter paper: The original cone-shaped Origami Paper or Kalita Wave Paper. Both of which deliver different taste profiles. 

 Origami Filter Paper

  • Size: 2/4 Cups
  • Sheets: 100
  • Form: Cone Shape
  • Colour: White


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    cups a day
    We suggest 2 bags of 200 g size coffee every two weeks