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If you're looking for a simple, cost-effective way to brew delicious coffee simply and quickly then the Aeropress is for you.

The Aeropress start mostly like an immersion brew, to finish with filtering the coffee via a paper or metallic filter.

Charlene De Buysere owner of WAY Specialty Coffee Roasters became World Aeropress Champion in 2012. 

Come to the roastery or shop for some of her best recipes!! 


Benefits and Features:

  • Quick and Easy
  • Un-breakable
  • Easy to clean after use. Just throw away paper filter and start again
  • Brews one cup at time or multiple when brewing with a by pass system
  • Comes with 350 paper filters, stirrer, scoop, paper filter holder and funnel.
  • We sell paper filters separately.


I drink
cups a day
We suggest 2 bags of 200 g size coffee every two weeks