What you need

V60 filters #2
Burr grinder
Filtered or mineral water (we recommend less than 50 mg dry rest per liter)
Stirring device
Mug or decanter
Awesome coffee of your choice

Step 1

Weigh 20 grams of filter coffee beans. Use a coarse grindsize.

Step 2

Thoroughly rinse the paper filter with hot water to get rid of paper flavor.

Step 3

Use 60 ml of 92°C SPA water for the first pour. Here you control the acidity of the coffee.

Step 4

Leave 35-45 seconds between each pour.

Step 5

Add another 60 ml of water. Here we control the sweetness of the coffee.

You can control the acidity and the sweetness by adjusting the amount of water in your first and second pour. But keep a total of 120 ml in the first two pours.

Step 6

The amount of times you pour will have an effect on the strength of the coffee.

Step 7

Pour a total of 300 ml for this brew.

Step 8


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I drink
cups a day
We suggest 2 bags of 200 g size coffee every two weeks