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The Rocket Espresso machine is manufactured by hand by a selected team of craftsmen in their factory. You can choose between domestic models or bigger, more commercial devices. The Rocket Espresso machine now comes with PID temperature controller, manual control of pressure through the lever for pre and post ramping of pump pressure, and a service boiler of 3.6 litres.

Why you should choose the Rocket Espresso machine

The Espresso machine of Rocket has many advantages and is easy to use. You set up a direct water connection, so you don’t have to constantly check whether you still have water or if you prefer so, you use its built in water reservoir. Furthermore, this Rocket Espresso machine is designed to deliver spectacular results, through both stability and flexibility of control parameters. Are you convinced of the many advantages of this espresso machine? Then go order it online in our online shop or visit our shop in Ghent. Here you can also buy a wide range of espresso tools and equipment that help you become a true barista.

Choose this espresso machine

Do you still have any questions about our Rocket Espresso machine or about other devices and products we offer, such as our coffee beans? Then don’t hesitate to contact us. Do this by sending an e-mail to, by visiting our shop in Ghent, by calling us on +32494073322 or through our contact form. We’re looking forward to meeting you!
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