Brew guides


Brew guides

Are you starting out as a barista and are you looking for a comprehensive guide? Here is a collection of brew guides that we’ve put together to help you make great coffee at home. These guides contain our recipes, tips and advice to help coffee drinkers everywhere to get the most out of their daily brew, and to give you confidence that you can achieve a beautiful cup right there in your home kitchen. Because you can! 

Find the right barista guide

Below you will find the suitable barista guide for different types of coffee machines. We have a barista guide for the Aeropress, the V60 and regular espresso machines. The guides explain everything clearly and step by step. Each step is accompanied by photos. There are also videos that explain everything in more detail. In WAY's shop in Ghent, you can also buy all the necessary additional materials, such as V60 or Aeropress micro filters. Moreover, we offer several books about coffee, like this interesting guide to coffee. You can buy all of our products in our online shop as well.

Get personal training

Is a barista guide not sufficient and would you like some personal training from us? Then be sure to register for one of our workshops. Contact us if you have any questions. Call us on +32494073322 or send an e-mail to coffeeroasters@way.gent for general questions about our coffee or to charlene@way.gent for questions about our coffee training in Ghent. Online you can read even more about our story. We hope to hear from you soon!


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